Genova delights – secret treasures

Genova is probably not one everyone’s bucket list.. but it certainly should be.

A port, a city steeped in a rich history of merchants, the place where banking began in the 15th century and home of Christopher Columbus .. and much more!

I simply loved wandering the caruggi with its wealth of artisans, small specialist shops and numerous eating and drinking holes. There is a relaxed yet vibrant feel here and around every corner a surprise.  Splendid Palazzos are another striking feature of Genova and don’t forget to check out the colourful and inspirational Mercato Orientale.

Paola, the most excellent, highly professional and experienced guide, made all the difference and thanks to her I made an entrée into the many delights, treasures and contrasts of Genova.

Get in touch for your mini break to Genova and I can guarantee you THE best experience! … and don’t forget.. blue jeans started in Genova.

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